Diminished Value Claims for Automobiles


because insurance companies are not in the business of making friends, if you have been in an auto accident you may be entitled to recover for the diminished value of your vehicle. but you will need help...

Diminished value claims in Florida allow for the recovery of the loss in actual cash value of your car or truck from before the accident to after. The damages and subsequent loss in value of that vehicle resulting from an auto accident are the responsibility of the at-fault party's insurance to cover. But if you don't ask, or don't know how to ask, they will likely not offer you these damages which you would be entitled to as the victim of a car crash.

Oftentimes in a car accident, the damages to your vehicle can be repaired, and may even be repaired so well that from the normal eye, your car looks fine. However, there could be significant damage to the structure and stability of the vehicle, the engine and other mechanical parts, and all of this equals a loss in value when you go to either re-sell or trade-in your automobile.

When you have been the victim of an auto accident, contact The Dempsey Law Firm, P.A., for a free consultation to discuss how a diminished value claim may help you recover.